Upcoming Workshops

Winter Wellness

with Amy  Wednesday 12/17/14 7pm  Free

Wintertime can feel hectic and overwhelming, not to mention cold. According to Chinese Medicine it's the best time of year to slow down. Amy will share tips and information for staying well, avoiding burnout, and enjoying the Winter season.

Moon Essence: Chinese Medicine for Healthy Menstruation

with Rona   Monday 1/12/15 7-9pm   $35 suggested donation

In this hands on workshop, we will go over the flow of yin and yang throughout your menstrual cycle, diet and lifestyle tips for different phases of your cycle, as well as simple herbs and acupressure points for self-massage to support your womb. 

Releasing Your Channels: Self Care Using MyoFascial Release

with Jonlí  Tuesday 2/17/15  7-9pm 

We will discuss the relationship between fascia and acupuncture meridians, and apply this knowledge to using foam rollers, balls and other home tools.