On dreams, giving and receiving

Almost seven years ago I left Puerto Rico following a dream that I wasn't very clear about. I just knew that I needed to get on a plane to California and allow life and my path to open itself to me. I came with a bag full of gifts, not just skills to trade for, but actual gifts for people I will meet on my way.  Within the first six months all those gifts (or offerings) were given, and in exchange I received many life lessons as I traveled around the Bear State meeting wonderful people on the way.  I was very far from the world I knew, but somehow I was certain that things would work out, and any immediate hardships that I experienced would be tools in my bag for later.

To make a long story short I ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to school, met my partner, had a child and finally became an Acupuncturist.  If I've had a peek into the future, seven years ago I wouldn't have believed what was in store for me as it would seem pretty remote from the person that I was.  As the path keeps opening and life lessons keep emerging and that unclear dream keeps realizing itself organically, there has always been a constant in this complicated yet beautiful equation, I am an open vessel that gives and receives, receives and gives.

Amy opened a gate in our (myself and Rona's) path and we ventured into it. This gate led us to Shift, which is a path that she has been walking for a while now.  She figured that by opening the path to us, with our collective efforts we would make it our own and widen it so that we could reach more people in our community.  We are widening the path for our community to access not just better health, but to walk together in this journey of personal growth, abundance and vibrancy.  Shift is our dream.

Shift Acupuncture Collective, is allowing the path to open itself to us. We carry a wealth of healing wisdom that we want to share with you and our community. We want to hold space for you; safely, free of judgement, not alone but in solitude. We want to facilitate you in the process of receiving from what we have to give.  As our path opens and solidifies, we want You to facilitate Our process of receiving so we can give even more.  It is for that purpose that we have started a fundraising campaign using Indigogo as a platform.  This campaign will last for several weeks and there you will be able to contribute by allowing yourself or someone you care for, to receive our care.

Our dream is becoming more clear every day, we are working hard for it. Come and walk the path with us,  and as it opens itself, help us make it wider...