Mung Bean Summer Porridge Recipe (Gluten Free & Vegan)

Last Saturday Jonli and I tabled at the Berkeley farmers' market while Amy moved into her new home, a cooperatively owned apt building (congrats Amy!). We gave farmers' market shoppers this summer porridge recipe by my father, kitchen wizard Qi Luo (recipe is modified because he doesn't use measurements).

This summer porridge is filled with nutritious mung beans, white jasmine rice, sweet sticky rice and quinoa. Mung beans are cooling in nature, nourish fluids and detox the body, making them the perfect summer bean. White rice is more cooling than brown rice, its heartier cousin, while sweet sticky rice contains more fats and protein than other rice. Quinoa boosts qi energy and together, this summer porridge alleviates irritability, thirst and fatigue.

1 cup jasmine white rice

¼ cup sweet sticky rice

⅓ cup mung beans

¼ quinoa

makes 6-8 servings

Bring above ingredients to a boil in 9 cups of water, then simmer for 1 hour, stirring periodically. If you prefer thinner porridge, add more water.  Once beans and grains are soft, add a sweetener of your choice (we like maple syrup) and enjoy! If you prefer salty porridge, sprinkle with salt and seaweed instead.  You can put together the ingredients yourself, or pick up a pre-made mix in our office.