Connecting Heart and Kidneys - An Herbal Love Bath Recipe

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There's been so much sad news around the world lately, so this is for those who are feeling down and disconnected. I originally wrote this herbal bath recipe for friends of mine (a couple) to support their personal and relationship healing process. It's designed to release anger, anxiety and tension, connect our heart with our kidneys (kidneys rules sexual energy in Chinese medicine) and tonify both yin fluids and yang energy.

Many of us in this society live a state of heart-kidney disconnect. The herb Yuan Zhi used externally in this bath, or taken internally (please consult an herbalist for internal use), has the beautiful effect of reconnecting and integrating heart and kidney energies. Herbal baths have been used in many cultures for energetic and spiritual cleansing, and are a powerful way of receiving support from nature.

Herbal Love Bath Recipe

(for one person, scale up dosages 1.5x for a bath for two people)

Ying Yang Huo  淫羊藿 30g

Chuanxiong  川芎 30g

Yuan Zhi  远志 24g

Shi Hu 石斛 18g

Mei Gui Hua 玫瑰花 12g

Damiana Leaf 20g


Soak dry herbs in 6 cups of water for 20 minutes, bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes, pour into a bath. If you do not have a tub, you can dilute the decoction with water and pour it over your body.

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