Protest Herbs - a love song for Hong Kong

Inspired by this photo of a grandma handing out free herbal supplements during Occupy Hong Kong by @freakingcat on Twitter, I've been contemplating what herbs would be helpful to the protestors in Hong Kong's sweltering tropical heat.  Here's a formula I came up with to prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and throat hoarseness from protesting and chanting:

Jin Yin Hua (honeysuckle) - sweet and airy, honeysuckle cools summer heat

Sang Ye (mulberry leaf) - this herb cools the lung and prevents dryness

Xia Ku Cao - chief ingredient of a popular local drink and a must in tropical heat

Lu Gen - this herb does a lovely job of nourish fluids and preventing dehydration

Pang Da Hai - protects the throat from hoarseness, for all the chanters and people's karaoke singers

Feng Mi (honey) - honey protects both the throat and the stomach from above cold herbs 

Shan Yao (mountain yam) - protects the stomach from cold herbs, while still nourishing fluids

Gan Cao (licorice) - licorice is great for the throat, and its slightly warm nature serves to balance cold herbs and harmonize the entire formula


Herbal pills or tinctures can be distributed easily at a large rally. Homemade pills can be made by grinding herbs and rolling the ground herbs with honey.  Next - figuring out an appropriate formula for local protests in the Bay Area so I can actually hand some out!