The Acu-Doula: adding a new dimension of support to birth, abortion, Miscarriage and postpartum care

Doulas provide support in countless ways: physically through hip-presses, hot packs, and cool sips of water; and emotionally through constant presence, active listening, and advocacy.  Amy and Rona are both doulas and acupuncturists, and we are excited to add acupuncture into this form of care as Acu-Doulas.

Acu-Doula services are focused on your needs and specific constitution.  We will arrive and be present during your birth, abortion, miscarriage, or postpartum recovery, bringing with us our extensive acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork and doula knowledge and experience. 

As a trained and experienced abortion and miscarriage acu-doula, Rona will hold space during your clinic procedure or home process, and support your recovery with herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, guided meditation and/or ceremony. 

As a trained and experienced birthing acu-doula, Amy will be present during your labor and delivery, performing bodywork and acupressure, advocating on your behalf, and facilitating your birthing preferences.

Both Rona and Amy are well-versed in postpartum recovery care, and will arrive at your home ready to assess and treat you with acupuncture and personalized herbal remedies for either decoction or a nourishing soup.  We can help you with energy, pain, lactation and mood support during your postpartum recovery.

If you are interested in adding acupuncture into your doula care, contact us for more information.